Artificial Intelligence at your Help Desk

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Meet the future of customer service, a comprehensive Help Desk Solution powered by Artificial Intelligence Let's eliminate repetitive tasks, improve effiency and make your customers happy

Streamline your customer support in less than 2 minutes by integrating and managing customer inquiries through your e-mail, Facebook posts, and voice calls from one-single inbox.

Allow Serdoo to eliminate repetitive tasks, and seamlessly connect you with your customers on Facebook, E-mails, and Web-Forms.

MultiChannel Customer Experience

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Automate Your Help Desk

Save your valuable time for critical issues and let the rule based or AI based automation organize the support management.

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Knowledge Base

Deliver high-quality customer service by furnishing your customers with useful knowledge about your brand. Quickly build a comprehensive virtual library that offers your clients with easy access to your FAQs and Articles.

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Measure Your Help Desk

Serdoo offers you an intuitive reporting interface that will enable you to analyze and calculates each agent’s performance as well as view detailed conversion reports within a defined period.

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Refresh your customer support team

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